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Short History


Dr. Annie Besant was woman of exceptional vision phenomenal energy great organizational ability, utter selflessness, and the capacity to inspire men and women to live up to the best in themselves. She was born on 1st October 1847. Her service to humanity were of so varied a nature, so brilliant, that people have remembered that other persons would have needed several lives to accomplish what she did in one life.

She came to India in 1893. In 1895 she settled in Banaras and lived a austere life. One of the first step she had taken to give right kind of education to the young an education which would restore self respect. The stress was on character, on social reform, on broad mindedness and national service.

Besants’ vision of education was a blend of ancient moral and spiritual truths and knowledge of modern science and technology so to make students successful both materially and spiritually.



The name of Dr. Annie Besant is inextricably linked with many school’s, colleges and other social institutions in the land she adopted. She made an outstanding contribution to education in India. The Annie Besant School is named after her. it inherited the higher values and educational principles which she incorporated into schools at Varanasi and all over India. The Schools belong a tradition of educational institutions starting from the Central Hindu College and Boys’ and Girls’ School, which had the valuable services of distinguished educationists such as Pandit lqbal Narain Gurtu, Shri B.Sanjeeva Rao,Prof P. K. Telang and Dr. GeorgeArundale, M.G. Kanitkar.


The Annie. Besant School functions under the Besant Education Fellowship, (B.E.F). The Governing body has among its members distinguished educationists Such as Sri S. Sundaram. R.C. Thampi, Pro. C. A. Shindey, Pro. P. Krishna Pro. Susheela Singh, Dr. T.K. Nair Sri P. S. Panchakshari, Dr. Ven Rimpoche.

Indian Section T.S.

The Indian Section of the Theosophical Society has always been providing infrastructure facilities, including class rooms, play grounds and other facilities, It has plans to renovate and improve these facilities and raise the level of education in the school through the Besant Education Fellowship.


To ensure that students receive the right input for the 21st century, the school is taking many new initiatives. The relationship between students and teachers is cordial punishment is not used as a means of disciplining students. Measures will be taken to equip students with essential skills and attitudes to play an intelligent role as student and adults in fast changing society.

Citizenship Training

Special Programmes will be developed to inculate a sense of responsible citizenship and respect for India’s rich heritage of values. Annie Besant’s philosophy of emphasizing character building and teaching to live in harmony and action through games and varied extra-curricular activities will be encouraged.


Environmental awarness and respect for other forms of life are crying needs in the context of the context of the present deteriorating conditions. This area of learning will not be neglected.



Abha Mam

principal Annie Besant School


Our Approach


According to Dr. Annie Besant there are four aspects of human progression: one has to develop himself intellectually, mentally, emotionally and spiritually but the agony is that only concentration is on intellectual development. People are more bothered about acquiring 99% than inculcating the moral values.

The present scenario of unrest, indiscipline and disorder is due to imbalance of our inner faculties. The level of academics cleverness’ in growing higher and higher but devoid completely of love and sympathy.

In the light of the teaching of Dr.Besant the emphasis of the school is more on the development of the individuals’ innate ability depending on his or her own style of learning taking their own time to learn, so that what is taught and what is learnt has a lasting impact on them.

We try to create a conducive environment where the child feels physically and emotionally most secure. Our whole emphasis is on harmonious development of the child for achieving physical, mental and spiritual well being leading to the ultimate aim of regeneration of the society and the nation.

The motto of the school is “compete with yourself”. We try that children should be nurture to become natural achievers, without feeling insecure that others are doing better, not feeling proud that they seem better than others. Theory of no reward no punishment is practiced.