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Admission Process


The admission Form and Prospectus may be obtained from the school office on payment of Rs.200/- in cash.  Application Form must be completed with all essential information and required documents as specified and received before due date to be considered.

Kindly fill in the registration form enclosed with the prospectus. Depending on the vacancies available in the class you will be informed regarding the date of the interview for the parents and the tests for the students. Students will be admitted after taking into account reasonable numbers in a classroom for quality education after a test and interview with the parents. Class size is limited to ensure quality education. Number of students will be limitted.

Kindly note that all students who apply may not be accepted due to this constraint. We seek your understanding and acceptance of the situation.


Fees Structure


The school is a non commercial, and run on no profit no loss basis.  It is completely self supporting and does not receive any government or external grants.  The school supports to a limited number of students requiring financial support especially those from disadvantage sections of society.


Class Quaterly Fees Registration Charges One Time Annual Dues Per Anum One Time Total Fees Amount (First Time)
Nursery 1800/- 900/- 2600/- 5300/-
LKG 1800/- 900/- 2600/- 5300/-
UKG 1800/- 900/- 2600/- 5300/-
1st 2250/- 900/- 2600/- 5750/-
2nd 2250/- 900/- 2600/- 5750/-
3rd 2250/- 900/- 2600/- 5750/-
4th 2400/- 900/- 2600/- 5750/-
5th 2250/- 900/- 2600/- 5750/-
6th 2700/- 900/- 2600/- 6200/-
7th 2850/- 900/- 2600/- 6350/-
8th 3000/- 900/- 2600/- 6500/-