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Education Policy


We aim at developing confidence through nurturing the unique intelligence of the individual.

  1. Excellent academic training.
  2. Caring for the body & its needs.
  3. Cultivating of emotional intelligence.
  4. Nurturing curiosity, interest, and talent creativity.
  5. Development of responsibility & care for environment , learning about man, nature & society.
  6. Awakening a concern for awareness & holistic living in the light of Dr. Besant’s teaching.

Creative and innovative mind rooted in goodness alone can meet the demand of the time & prevent the individual from being swept away by the current of ever increasing struggle & misery.

Each teacher will also assist in every possible way. The principal & Colleagues effort in reorienting the school & its polocies on the above lines.

The Principal will be available to all who wish to understand the Eduction Policy in greater depth & explore approaches that will enrich the “ ETHOS OF LEARNING “  in the school.