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Rules & Regulation


1. Punctuality must be strictly observed. The student must be present on the school premises, 5 minutes before the school begins . Late comers will not be allowed to enter the school campus.
2. Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during the school hours without having the written permission of the principal.
3. Every student is required to attend Extra-curricular or Co-curricular activities in the prescibed uniform. In this regard, one can have information from the school’s office.
4. Leave application is a must in case of absence from school.
5. Parents / Guardians or Visitors are not allowed to see the students or interview the teachers during school hours without having the written permission of the principal. Parents / Guardians are advised to meet teachers only by prior appointment.
6. Parents must be present at Parents Teachers Meeting organised by the school from time to time.
7. In the case of illness, a medical certificate must be attached with the application. Long absence, execptin case of illness, will not be allowed.
8. The name of the student will be struck off from the rolls of school if he / she is absent for more than 10 days continuously without the sanction of leave.
9. The fees, once paid, can not be refunded or adjusted in any way.
10. Damage to school property or property located in school premises will cause fine. Late fee payment will cause fine of Rs. 50 per month.